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The world is a little weird right now. We're taking extra precautions at The Rue Morgue to make it a little less weird, while keeping our clients safe and healthy.

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Rules and Precautional Procedures

•Everyone is required to have their own PPE, including face masks and hand sanitizer.


•Everyone will be asked to take their temperature at the door. Anything over 99.2° will be rescheduled and asked to leave.


•Only one person in the tattoo area. Please do not bring anyone with you until further notice.


•DO NOT COME IN SICK. If you feel sick or like you’re becoming sick please reschedule; your deposit will not be lost.


•Avoid bringing anything more than your ID and method of payment unless it pertains to the appointment itself. Any items you bring will be sanitized upon entry before your appointment.


•At this time we are by appointment only. Consultations and appointments will be scheduled online. I will be accepting deposits via Zelle, Apple Pay, or Facebook Pay. In studio I will still be accepting only cash; please bring exact cash. We will not be able to give change.

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