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These Are All...

...Up For Grabs

Leave It Up To Fate, Get What You Get!

Each design is $100+ $1 in quarters.

If you would like to choose your design out of the list of designs availble, they are $200/piece.

Simply put your quarters in and see what you get!

You may redraw for $50+ $1 in quarters. 

(All designs will be reused; once completed it will go back on top inside the machine.)


Each design is approximately *2-3”x 2-3” and can be in color or black and gray. I will allow you to let me know what colors you do not like, but for the most part color is already decided on most designs. 


All quarters will be used to buy food that will be donated to our “Spirit Tree”; this is where we take food donations for local food pantries.

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