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Veil Fest 2024

What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted at Veil Fest?

Cash only please - this will help keep things moving during a busy event!

Can You Schedule a Flash Tattoo In Advance?

Not for the scheduled flash day, but you’re welcome to schedule to a later date that day.


No online booking, must be present to book.

Can You Get More Than One Tattoo?

Yes, but you may be asked to schedule the second one out depending on the 2 you pick.

Are You Working The Whole Weekend?

I will be working 4/5 10am-TBD; if I work Saturday 4/6, I will announce it on social media on 4/5 (at this time undecided).


I will not be working Sunday or Monday at all.

Are These In Color or Black and Gray?

This time will be black and gray only. However, if you would like to schedule one in the future, color is optional.

How Much? How Big?

All flash is priced as marked; constellations are $60/each or 2/$100. Each piece is anywhere from 1”x1” — 2”x3”. The largest one is the moon hand and it will be 4-5”.

How Long Will You Be Tattooing on Friday?

Depending on demand I have no made that decision yet. If there’s a cut off number, you will know before you sign up.

Will You Be Tattooing Anyone Else's Designs?

No, I will be tattooing my designs only that day.


No custom pieces or customizations.

Oh, And a Few More Things....

Please be kind and patient with the process. Our shop people are extremely good to us and always take the brunt of everything. With the amount of people expected, it’s best to come early and bring your best attitude. :)


Please be safe in navigating traffic. Especially looking out for pedestrians. Jefferson street gets fairly busy during a normal event the city hosts. This one is expected to bring hundreds of thousands on top of our current population. BE SAFE!


Grab cash! This is extremely important for many of the businesses downtown incase of communication failure from overload! (Especially if you’re planning on grabbing merch or flash tattoos from the Rue)

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